The Source to Sea: Savannah River Pilgrimage seeks to explore the Savannah River from "source to sea," by paddling its entire length in March-April 2015.

 Connecting people and communities along its 400 mile length, it will celebrate and document the river's beauty and diversity while inspiring action to address the many threats affecting its health.​

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​​On March 8th, 2015, Source to Sea paddlers Bob BrooksherJoanne Steele, and Jesse Steele are embarking upon a 4.5 week journey from the source of the Savannah River to the sea in order to explore, raise awareness about, and document the health of that waterway and the challenges it faces.  There will be other paddlers joining them for portions of the journey, and they will be meeting with environmental and other groups along the way.  Like us on Facebook! Share the journey with us.

The Group.

The Sea: The Tybee Island Lighthouse.

The Source: Whiteside Mountain.